Herd of Thots

A written collection of bustling thoughts that roam the head.



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The Last Day to Achieve Your 2021 Goals


A collection of short fiction and written pieces.

On Excerpts

Brief reflections on matters of everyday life.

Love Letters

Letters from the present to the future.

Recent Posts

On Conflict in the Family

Family is where it all begins. A good one is hard to find, especially when you’re sitting right inside it. The conflict and dysfunctions always seem unique to the family you live in, and it always seems like life would be better if somebody would finally stop doing this or would finally stop talking likeContinue reading “On Conflict in the Family”

The Foundations of Herd of Thots

The bounds are limitless. These foundations stand to propel thinking in designated directions and protect thoughts from the inescapable limitations the brain tends to impose. With growth, acceptance, beauty, and discovery in mind, it becomes easier to muster up the courage to fulfill the highest quality of thinking and action.


The f*ck is your life. Answer it. 

-Cheryl Strayed

“Maybe in the end it’s the voice that tells the stories more than the stories themselves that matter.”

-Stephen King

“You don’t have to be perfect to be remarkable.”

-Meslissa McCarthy

“Nobody comes out the pu**y painting Mozart.

Eva Bernard

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