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Herd of Thots

A written collection of bustling thoughts that roam the head.



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The Last Day to Achieve Your 2022 Goals


A collection of short fiction and written pieces.

On Excerpts

Brief reflections on matters of everyday life.

Love Letters

Letters from the present to the future.

Recent Posts

On Being Upset

Being upset is often silent. It is often quiet and unknown to the individual responsible for the upset stirring within our souls. Is this not silly? A wrong-doer, no less guilty, may not even hold the awareness that they have committed an act of injustice. They were simply acting in accordance of their particular mood,…


by Amie Nguyen The tire tracks were there. He made them. He saw them. He saw the tire tracks that ran over the snow and revealed the blue handicap lines beneath. The lines he parked over. He saw the extra line of tracks he created when he adjusted his car to fit between those forbidden,…

What Life Is and What Life is Not

Life is: -A myriad of little decisions each day -Is seeing and being seen-Work and Love-Learning and growing-Meaning-the meaning of life is meaning, a unified purpose-Made of small moments-Challenging-An opportunity to give to others-Up to you to create-For you-Constantly changing-To be loved-Requires delayed gratification-To be lived on your own terms-Includes suffering-A collection of self-fulfilling prophecies…

The Foundations of Herd of Thots

The bounds are limitless. These foundations stand to propel thinking in designated directions and protect thoughts from the inescapable limitations the brain tends to impose. With growth, acceptance, beauty, and discovery in mind, it becomes easier to muster up the courage to fulfill the highest quality of thinking and action.


The f*ck is your life. Answer it. 

-Cheryl Strayed

“Maybe in the end it’s the voice that tells the stories more than the stories themselves that matter.”

-Stephen King

“You don’t have to be perfect to be remarkable.”

-Meslissa McCarthy

“Nobody comes out the pu**y painting Mozart.

Eva Bernard